We have a lot of basic and not-so-basic equipment on ACCU, which our technologists mostly look after. You will be shown the most important equipment and how to use it on the day of your induction.  If you have not attended this, please contact Dr Andrew Leitch (Consultant equipment lead).

The Tech Team

There is a team of 8 and Richard Aldridge is the lead technologist. In addition there is Nurur, Vlad, Olly, Mohammed, Raleigh, Serhiy and Michael. They provide an 8 am – 8 pm service, 7 days a week, and carry bleep 1430.  There will usually be 2 techs on over a weekend and three most week days.

The techs can be expected to:

  • Get scopes ready for use when requested
  • Take away dirty scopes for decontamination
  • Perform Lidco calibration
  • Set up Brainz monitoring
  • Set up renal filters
  • Set up Nitric Oxide
  • Set up all ventilator and NIV circuits
  • Perform PCT assay on request
  • Perform ECG on request
  • Perform Rotem coagulation test on request.
  • Attend patient transfers to CT, MRI, IR when requested.

Of the more esoteric equipment you may not have come across elsewhere, keep an eye out for inhaled Nitric Oxide, the oscillators, the Brainz monitor (amplitude integrated EEG), A Lung CO2 removal.

Equipment Videos: ACCU RLH TECHNOLOGISTS YouTube

You are responsible for the equipment you use. It is all ridiculously expensive to buy and repair (e.g. a typical transport monitor repair can costs ₤1,000!). Please look after it and handle it carefully. Think of the Oxylog as your brand new car for instance (it costs about as much) – you wouldn’t drop it or scrunch it into walls. If you do have an accident, please come clean and tell the technologists so they can arrange any necessary repairs / identify recurring problems.  Please also let them know about any kit that looks like it’s going to have a problem soon. (loose covers, screws, wires, connectors, cracked cases, displays etc)