The Critical Care Outreach Service [CCOT] was established in 2001 at The Royal London Hospital.  The Critical Care Outreach Team is led by a Consultant Nurse and incorporates a Senior Clinical Physiotherapist; 9 senior critical care nurses; an Adult Critical Care Band 6 rotational post and 2 Acute Care Skills Facilitators.

CCOT serves all the adult in-patient population at The Royal London Hospital 24/7 with the exception of the maternity services. A referral can be made to CCOT by any healthcare professional.

The purpose of CCOT is to:

  • Assess acutely ill/deteriorating patients on the wards, and advice the team on monitoring, investigation and management plans to optimise patient care and thus avoid a critical care admission.
  • Identify patients who require a higher level of care and expedite their admission to critical care.
  • Follow-up patients discharged from ICU to ward areas promoting a seamless transition between critical care and the ward.  CCOT holistically assesses patients’ well-being [physically and emotionally] and makes onward referrals as necessary.
  • Share knowledge and skills with medical and nursing staff, both at the bedside and through formal education programmes within the Trust. A modular teaching programme; Moodle website and simulation training is offered for all ward based staff.