Both 4E (ITU) and 4F (HDU) have comprehensive storerooms, which should have stocks of the items you are most likely to need. There is an alphabetical list just inside the door, which will guide you to which cabinet (CAB) and which drawer (DR) the items you are looking for. Please note that most of the IV related products are listed with an IV prefix on the list. The storerooms are organised into zones to try and keep related products together: Blue labels are airway, Red labels IV / cardiac, Green labels dressings. Black & White labels is everything else!

There are some specialist airway products and a few other seldom used products that are only kept in the 4E store, but in general there is duplication of stock in both store rooms.

Stock control

In general you should not need to worry about the everyday items running out as they will be topped up automatically. There are however a number of items that are not frequently used, and are thus also not checked regularly for the stock levels. If you are finding issues with the stock of items running out, please let either Rajena Sampat (unit coordinator) or Richard Aldridge know.

If you would like to introduce new products into the stores, then please speak with Richard initially.

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