When major incident declared ensure that and duty ACCU 1st-on consultant and on-site junior ACCU medical staff (Bleeps 1480/0814/1427/0816) have been informed. If possible try and obtain a Situation Report (SITREP) from the MI Control room or the emergency department before discussing with the consultant.

In the event that the duty ACCU 1st or 2nd on consultants cannot be contacted due to phone lines not working, then work through the consultant list until an ACCU consultant has been notified.

  1. Liaise with the ACCU Nurse in charge (bleep 1387) of at RLH to identify patients that can be discharged / stepped down within the ACCU or to the ward / transferred
  2. Liaise with 1220 (anaesthesia coordinator) to establish theatre capacity and the potential numbers of patients attending the resuscitation room.
  3. If out of hours ensure HAN are facilitating the setting up of a satellite ACCU; in the first instance an 8 bedded level 2 area in the 4th floor theatres recovery.
  4. Liaise with the duty PICU registrar for issues related to paediatric patients (Bleep 0956)
  5. Ensure that ACCU junior medical staff continue with routine work and that patients already admitted are having on-going medical care. Ensure discharge summaries are prepared for all step downs / transfers.
  6. In the event of a trauma call that requires your attendance ensure that the ACCU fellow or other suitable trainee is in charge of coordination relating to the incident pending senior help.
  7. Identify those junior medical staff due on duty on the next shift and try and foresee any travel difficulties and forewarn if necessary.
  8. There will be a difference between a MI declared during working hours and one declared out-of-hours. Your role initially will be coordination. There is often a time-lag between declaration of a MI and patients attending.