There is one Sonosite Nanomax,  a Siemens X300 and a GE Vivid S5. For US guided line placement the Sonosite should be used, reserving the more hightech and EXPENSIVE Siemens and GE machines for echo and ultrasound studies. Please get training in the use of the Siemens ultrasound machine before using it as we have had recurrent breakdowns resulting from misuse leading to the machine being out of service for prolonged periods. There is a laminated guided attached to the machine.

You must clean the machine and probes before and AFTER use and the machines should be left plugged in at all times when not in use. Probes must NOT be cleaned with alcohol-based cleaning products as this damages them.

If there is any risk of contamination with body fluids, the probes must be covered with a sheath, whether or not the probe is being used for a sterile ultrasound-guided procedure. The probes must not become contaminated with body fluids as they are very difficult to fully decontaminate and this can lead to transmission of infection.

Please ensure when you have finished using the machines, that the probe cables are not dragging on the floor where they can be run over and damaged. A new probe for these machines will be in the region of £5000