1. Certify the patient as soon as is appropriate
  2. Complete a discharge summary on CRS
    • Enter the patient’s record on CRS
    • Go to Ad Hoc on top bar
    • Select discharge from the list on the left of the screen
    • Select in-patient discharge summaryThere are now 4 pages:
    • Discharge Info I – copy and paste from the summary above. Make it clear that the patient has died
    • Discharge Info II – Select finalised and select GP in the bottom box and it will be sent direct to GP practice.
    • Diagnosis – should auto-populate
    • TTA – Select Not applicable.
    • Local GPs will receive this electronically.  Ask the ward clerk to print it out and send it by post for non-local GPs.
  3. Does the death need to be referred to the coroner?
    • The following is a guide to which patients require referral to the coroner. If in doubt refer.
    • Death was violent, suspicious or unnatural (i.e. all traumas)
    • Cause of death is unknown
    • Death related to self-neglect or neglect by others
    • Suicide
    • Any death in custody
    • Death is related to an accident
    • Death during surgery or before recovery from anaesthesia

    If any of these criteria are met then a coroners referral form (\\LNASV3\Directorates$\surgery_&_anaes\ACCU\Critical Care\Summaries\Deceased patients) needs to be completed.  You should copy and paste the summary of care into this document and ensure the hypothesized cause of death is completed.
    Please ensure a consultant has reviewed your coroner’s referral before sending it.

    This should be sent to bereavement at bereavement@bartshealth.nhs.uk

  4. If not complete a MCCD and a cremation form:
    • MCCD book is kept in the CD cupboard. Once complete it should be attached to the notes and left for the ward clerk to take to the bereavement office.
    • A cremation form (Form 4) (http://bartshealthintranet/About-Us/CAGs/Clinical-Support-Services/Pathology/Documents/Cremation-form4.pdf) should also be completed it can always be removed later if not necessary.