One C-day trainee on 4E and CARRIES BLEEP 1113 – this should be the C day from the 1113 rota and thus should allow for continuity

  • Stays on ACCU
  • “Attaches” themselves to team A consultant
  • Fields all referrals
  • Acts as coordinator for the day, deploying colleagues and ensuring the consultant is kept informed
  • Would usually be the same person Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Sunday

Weekend cover on ACCU

All trainees for 4E and 4F to meet in doctors’ office on 4E o Work load to be shared across the unit and agreed at morning hand over


Outside the ACCU

ED deployment

Advanced Adult Trauma Calls:           ST3 and above

Code red:           ST5 and above or Consultant

ED Consultant requests help:      ST5 and above or Consultant

Supervising colleagues (both ACCU and non ACCU) in ‘remote locations’, such as supervising an ED registrar performing an intubation, can only be done under exceptional circumstances

  • ACCU Consultant needs to be informed and has to agree that this is appropriate
  • Clear lines of responsibility and communication to be agreed prior to the procedure
  • Check lists, where available, need to be followed