RLH is one of the busiest hospitals in the UK for organ donation and this forms an important part of our workload. We have a team of Specialist Nurses in Organ Donation (SNODs – listed above) who are based at The Royal London and are supported by 2 Clinical Leads – Dr Kennedy and Dr Verma. In accordance with NICE Clinical Guideline 135, Organ Donation should be considered a normal part of End-of-Life care for patients on the ACCU. Any patients who have a medical plan for withdrawal of treatment or who meet criteria for brain stem testing should be referred to SNODs. Forms for brain stem testing and donor optimization are available on ACCU. For even more information please see following links:

http://www.odt.nhs.uk/pdf/timelyidentificationandreferralpotentialdonors.pdf http://www.odt.nhs.uk/pdf/family_approach_best_practice_guide.pdf http://www.odt.nhs.uk/pdf/donor_optimisation_guideline.pdf

To Contact the specialist nurses please phone ext 40336 (RLH) or email

For urgent referrals please contact 24 hour UK Organ Donor Referral Line 03000 20 30 40