There is a yellow microbiology / VAP surveillance sheet in every patient’s notes. The first side should be completed every day for every patient as part of your daily assessment and reviewed on the ward round. The reverse side should be completed if ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) or ventilator-associated tracheitis (VAT) is suspected or being treated and should be completed for the next 7 days.

In the early afternoon a consultant microbiologist will do a ward round (Monday to Friday) – one of the doctors (preferably the “coordinator”) must attend this round and document results and a management plan for patients on the yellow microbiology sheet.  Please provide all relevant clinical information including history, medical background, WCC, CRP, temp and patient progress in order to aid rationalisation of antimicrobial therapy. You MUST document the micro ward round on the microbiology sheet in the column labelled ‘latest micro’ EVERY day, even if it to write ‘no change’.

If possible two trainees should go on the round, one to write on the drug chart and one to write in the medical records. Some of the microbiologists move very fast! Carry some spare blank micro forms for patients whose notes are missing a micro form.