Scans should first be discussed with the relevant radiologist (in hours there is a body radiologist and a separate neuro radiologist. Out of hours it’s one on call radiologist) to enable protocoling. After that a call to the relevant scanner should be made to coordinate a time slot. Keep the holder of 1113 informed so staff can be allocated sensibly.

There is a mobile CT head scanner that can be used on the ACCU in order to avoid transfer to the scanning room. Please talk to the consultants about it. Its use is largely determined by the availability of a radiographer. Book a CT head as usual, marking it as portable on the request, and speak to (a) the radiographer, (b) the bedside nurse and (c) the tech team, before 10:00 a.m. The technologists will help with setting up the scanner.

We are allocated a (close to) daily MRI slot (usually around 2pm), use it wisely and think about who made need an MRI at hand over in the morning as this requires planning!

Scans with Contrast

It is preferable to have a 18G or larger venflon to administer contrast. This may not be possible in ICU patients so there is provision for the use the pressure injector through a CVC line. This is NOT TO BE ROUTINE as it is off licence carrying an albeit <1% risk of line rupture, according to the manufacturer. The policy that Radiology has approved requires any critical care patient to have written consent to use a CVC with the pressure injector and this is either a normal or form 4 consent form depending on capacity. An ST3 or above from ACCU must sign it prior to going to CT, and the radiologist will countersign it when in CT. The official policy is in the same place as all the others. If the radiologist refuses, call their consultant (at any time of the day).