There are three bleeps available for use each day on the ICU, two of which must be carried by the airway trained trainees. All bleeps MUST be answered promptly

If any of the bleeps are malfunctioning you must take them to Switchboard (behind the security desk at Stepney Way entrance) and rectify any faults as soon as possible.

Bleep 1113 should be held by the C day on the 1113 rota, and be handed over to the equivalent doctor on call at night.  This is the only bleep which receives both cardiac arrest and trauma calls, and all emergency and fast bleeps to other parts of the hospital. It also tends to receive ward referrals etc. and generally coordinates calls from other teams, CT scan arrangements etc. It must be carried at all times and answered promptly.  Please ensure that it remains charged at all times.

Bleep 1480 also receives all cardiac arrest and trauma calls but not fast bleeps or emergency bleeps. This should be carried by the Team B C day

The first runner should carry 0814. This doctor will be the first responder to trauma and arrest calls. If multiple emergencies are happening at once (2 x trauma teams needed etc.) the Team A C day (i.e. coordinator) will allocate the next trainee to attend.

At night there are four other anaesthetic trainees in the hospital.  The senior SpR on-call carries bleep 1220You should always liaise with your colleagues each evening as you may need them to give you a hand, particularly in an emergency or if you are very busy.  The paediatric SpR carries bleep 1061, the obstetric and acute pain SpR carries bleep 1326 and the anaesthetic SHO carries 0028.  Please do not hesitate to contact one of your colleagues if the consultant is not immediately available in an emergency.