You may encounter medical students during your time on ACCU.

Most medical students are here for a very brief introduction during their Peri-Operative Medicine module (they spend a day shadowing a nurse at the bedside, a day on HDU during which they are expected the present at least one patient on the ward round and a day shadowing CCOT).  Please be nice to them and include them in discussions/teaching etc.

More occasionally we have students who have chosen to come to ACCU for a Student Selected Component (SSC), often because they want to find out more about intensive care or they are thinking about it as a career.  We expect them to become more involved in the running of the unit, effectively working as ‘shadow’ trainees.  Please help them settle in and encourage them to see patients, present on rounds and do as many jobs as they can (e.g. rewriting, but not signing, drug charts; writing transfer summaries; making some phone calls etc. – always check their work and provide feedback).

The Barts and the London Intensive Care Society, an organisation of interested students, may be of interest to some of you.  They run a mentorship scheme whereby interested students earlier in their clinical studies can spend some time shadowing an anaesthesia and/or ICM trainee.  If you are interested in helping out, or would like to find out more, email

Any problems/concerns with students should be brought to the attention of the consultant on duty in the first instance, or Andrew Leitch in non-urgent cases.