The intensive care trainees cover all cardiac arrest and advanced trauma calls in the hospital.  On the Royal London site there are currently about 300 cardiac arrest calls and more than 2000 trauma calls per annum.  Trainees may therefore spend quite a lot of time out of the ACCU.  You will organise between yourselves in the morning who is going to cover these calls.  However the Coordinating trainee on the long day should try to stay on the unit if possible.  There is a separate section regarding the role of the anaesthetist at trauma calls – you must read this and discuss with Dr Healy if you have any questions.

At least one airway-trained doctor (anaesthetic trainee or suitable ICM trainee) should be present on 4E at all times.  It may therefore be necessary to enlist anaesthetic assistance via 1220 if multiple trauma calls coincide, especially out of hours.

If you are leaving the unit overnight (e.g. to attend a trauma call or review a ward referral), inform the other trainees (and nurse in charge, if possible) where you will be.

When attending ED, introduce yourself, by name, role and grade to the senior clinician looking after the patient you are seeing (whether a trauma call or other).  Document your assessment and interventions contemporaneously (impression and plan as a minimum).