Ensure all new admissions to ACCU are screened for MRSA as per policy (see below) and that the MRSA protocol is started.

Ensure that the infection status of all patients is known and is part of the daily handover. It is your responsibility to know the infection status of patients on the Unit and act accordingly

Patients with infectious diarrhoea open pulmonary TB and certain other infections should ideally be isolated. If they are not isolated, please document why this decision has been made. Please liaise with the consultant in charge and the infection control team if unsure.

Always comply with ANNT (aseptic non touch technique) and ensure that others also comply.

Ensure lines and invasive devices are cared for and used according to Trust and Unit infection control guidelines.

I:\surgery_&_anaes\ACCU\Policies and Guidelines

Maintain up to date infection control training – this is part of your mandatory training when you join the Trust.