You are likely to be off the unit for a long time! Take lots of spare drugs for patient – sedation, paralysis, vasoactive agents, lots of ivi extension tubing (at least 3 per set) and make sure the patient safety form is filled in.

Take the minimum iv infusions e.g. use bolus muscle relaxants if needed rather than infusions. Consider a line + flush for such boluses (you will always remember this after the scan has started)

The equipment down there is interesting… NIBP only, intermittent ECG trace, SpO2 (v useful pleth trace), EtCO2 (invaluable), it is a fairly standard anaesthetic machine and ventilator but check it before you start transferring.

NOTE: If your patient arrests in the scanner, they MUST be transferred back onto their bed BEFORE starting CPR.  The scan table ‘floats’ – CPR will be ineffective and will break it.  You will need to remove the patient, on their bed, from the scan room entirely before you can apply a defibrillator.