Airway Emergencies on ACCU

The standard airway trolley and difficult intubation trolley are kept opposite the reception desks on 4E and 4F.  Please take time to familiarise yourself with the equipment on the difficult intubation trolley before you need to use it in an emergency!  The 4E trolley also has the Ambu scope and C-Mac screens bolted onto it.

There are emergency drugs for airway management available in the drug box in the pharmacy fridge.  See the section on emergency drugs for more information.

The algorithm for management of a blocked / displaced tracheostomy can be found here.  There should always be a spare inner cannula and/or tracheostomy tube at the bedspace of any patient with a tracheostomy.  Non-stock tubes and inner cannulae can be found in the ‘unusual tubes’ box in the Team A Nurse In Charge office.

Heliox cylinders are available for use in patients with upper airway obstruction.  Let the technologist team know as soon as possible when starting a patient on Heliox, so they can ensure a steady supply of replacement cylinders.