Grab Bags, Transfer Bags & Transfer Equipment

There are BLUE transfer bags which accompany patients whenever they leave the ACCU (e.g. to theatre, radiology, inter-hospital transfers).

There are GREEN grab bags which trainees take with them when attending emergencies OFF the ACCU (e.g. cardiac arrests, emergency ward referrals). There is no need to take a grab bag when attending A&E resus.

Both bags contain equipment and the BLUE bags a limited selection of drugs. Of note, since the drugs are non-refrigerated, the only muscle relaxant is vecuronium so you may wish to take suxamethonium or rocuronium from the fridge if you think you are likely to intubate the patient.

The BLUE bags are restocked by the technicians / HCSW on ACCU.  Blue bag contents are shown in this pdf.

The GREEN bags are restocked by the technician team. Please ensure you return them and complete the checklist, noting which compartments have been opened and used. Leave them in the Forward Operating Base (opposite the difficult airway trolley) on 4E. One of the bags contains an EZ-IO intraosseous needle insertion kit. Note you can give all resuscitation drugs and more via the intraosseous route.

Please take care of the portable transfer equipment (ventilators and monitors), positioning and handling them carefully to avoid dropping / falling off the bed! If accidents do occur, please inform the technical team immediately. Do not return broken equipment to the store room! Wall-mounted monitors are not to be removed to accompany patients. Portable monitors must be used.

Document all trips off the ACCU in the notes (e.g. CT, MRI etc.), even if only to state that the transfer was uneventful.